Directions North America 2017 Fun and Educational?

Directions North America 2017 Fun and Educational?

  • By Gwendolyn Blakemore

Historically, I had heard that NAV Directions was a must attend Dynamics event; from the moment the lights dimmed and the music started during the opening session, I knew the rumors were true!  It started with an upbeat introduction by our gregarious and, extremely talented, Master of Ceremonies who woke the audience with a strip tease that went down to a glitter filled Dynamics 365 tutu and suit pants.






Although she had tough act to follow, Katherine Turner-Lawrence came to the stage to welcome the partner channel. Due to hurricanes, registrants were unsure if Directions North America 2017 would happen, but thankfully much of Orlando was spared.

The hurricane may have caused only a tiny bit of worry for attendees, however, The Directions North America 2017 team also considered the impact of such a storm on a community that worked diligently to get things ready for the annual meeting. As a result, the team developed a brilliant idea to help the community. The first 1500 session surveys completed, Skyview Elementary an elementary school in Pinellas Park, will receive a donation of $2,500.00.  1501 or greater the donation will increase to $5,000.00. Skyview lost their roof, many supplies and all of their laptops, although donations for supplies have poured in, they still need assistance with the laptops. It seems Directions can make a difference for this school. I found this to be an incredible idea. We filled out our surveys because we wanted the school to see the benefit! If you are interested in helping out you can go to their GoFundMe Page here:

This event was the most attended Directions conference with 778 individual registrations this year!

Katherine went on to discuss some of the fun that would happen including the Partner Celebration, which was held at the New York Street Party at Universal Studios. I highly recommend the Mummy Ride, my voice is still recovering.


Next up Marko Perisic General Manager, Microsoft Dynamics 365

Marko Perisic entered the stage to welcome and thank the Microsoft channel partners and the Directions committee for their hard work and passion.




Marko noted that 2016 Directions, Microsoft spoke and was committed to an “and strategy”. This strategy enables partners to continue to offer Microsoft Dynamics Business Solutions through the traditional methods and find opportunities to introduce cloud based solutions to customers. Marco continued that the “cloud is not an option, it is a reality” and noted that customers are not only thinking about cloud; adoption of the cloud is happening and Microsoft is focused on the cloud. His speech focused on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Business Edition and Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

The News:

Microsoft’s initial Dynamics 365 offering was a cloud version of NAV with a limited toolset; it was named Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance. In addition to the cloud offering, Microsoft gave us a fully functional version named Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Dynamics NAV could be purchased and deployed on premise or in the cloud and this version featured all the functionality NAV users have come to love.

Now we look to the future and Microsoft has released Microsoft Dynamics Tenerife. You can read a bit more about it here.

My first thought was “What in the world is a Tenerife” – a quick google search reminded me it is a beautiful island in the Canaries, I immediately began daydreaming with thoughts of vacation plans until Marco’s words snatched me right back to reality.

They will release one single product available in Microsoft Cloud or On Premise

  1. Tenerife will have FULL Microsoft Dynamics NAV functionality
  2. Tenerife customizations are enabled, partners can customize the visual client, this means that the add-on solutions we all know and love can get moved seamlessly to the cloud!
  3. Partners can offer industry specific services to customers, enabling partners to leverage their IP to benefit users globally.

Easier. Simpler. Smarter.

The goal Tenerife is to offer an easy to use and affordable solution to address all the needs of the SMB market, Marko went on to say that Microsoft Office paired Microsoft Dynamics is the best solution for businesses to “go cloud” and went on to speak to the fact that Microsoft internal teams are working closer than ever before.

Modern Developer Experience

  • Add on apps to enhance what the solution does natively.
  • Embedded apps to change how the solution works to meet the industry specific needs of the customer.
  • Business API will allow you to connect with external service providers.

Other cool things

  • During the first look at Tenerife, we can see user roles being switched in real-time, without the need to sign out and sign back in! Can I get an AMEN! This is one of those usability things that would make anyone happy!
  • Sandboxes – I love a sandbox you can build a castle and tear it down, no harm no foul! Microsoft is offering sandboxes for their users to play and build!
  • Data import improvements – yes, of you can import master data from QuickBooks online. However, at a click of a button, we witnessed the import also open invoices, ongoing PO invoices. Finance import the opening balances. Making it easy to swiftly migrate from QuickBooks to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Business Edition.
  • Customers love working with Excel. Tenerife enables users to use the tools that they love and compliment their day to day work.
    Not only do I find the user interface soft and beautiful, by taking a look at the both mighty and tiny improvements that Microsoft is making, it is easy to get comfortable with this powerful solution.

Bespoke tailoring

  • Microsoft has made it easy for every user to personalize their experience in Dynamics 365 Tenerife – no code required changes can be made to user screens. Microsoft is offering a visual experience to offer the freedom to create a workspace that is personalized to meet their workday rhythm. End user personalization at their fingertips, that is a benefit easily realized.

You can invite your accountant access to your system and take a look at your Dynamics 365 – I plan to learn a bit more about this and share what I learn.


Hyperscale – check out these numbers!

  • 7 seconds to provision a new tenant from scratch. Yes, ONLY seven seconds.
  • Less than 30 seconds to upgrade an existing tenant. This is unbelievable!

Auto healing

Microsoft identified some frequently experienced issues that users were facing and created solutions to auto heal these issues. What is Auto healing? The system learns and will, for example, restart services to bring itself back online – Microsoft generates more than 40 terabytes of telemetry from their service monthly, this enormous amount of data is used by the systems to learn and predict the best step to prevent failure. Auto healing lets Microsoft know before you know, and who doesn’t like a proactive solution?


Microsoft is currently pursuing ISO and SOX compliance. Microsoft is working hard for GDPR requirements. Forget Winter… Spring is coming. Learn more about what GDPR is as well as why May 25, 2018 is a date you must remember.

What else?

There is much to speak about relating to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Business Edition Which was once known as Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance but now known as Microsoft Dynamics Tenerife but many people still call Navision. I think we need to create a symbol embodying the name changes over the last year. But seriously, I look forward to sharing more on the embedded Power BI the Microsoft Flow integration. As we explore the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 world, we will share our recommended Appsource solutions and information on the Accountants hub and how we partner with Accountants to help our customers.


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