Warehouse Management

Microsoft Dynamics Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management for Microsoft Dynamics

To further assist our valued customers, Queue Associates and Microsoft Dynamics also support solutions that optimize supply chain performance.  Warehouse Management Solutions empower companies to streamline their distribution operations. Designed to be modular and scalable, Warehouse Management Systems allow companies to add functionality as needs change or can be modified to meet the unique needs of your business.

Warehouse Management Software Solutions:

1. WMS – WMS is a feature-rich warehouse management system that reduces costly errors, improves overall warehouse staff productivity, eliminates paperwork, and streamlines warehouse processes. WMS supports the latest automation in warehouse and supply chain management including; cross-docking, directed put-aways, replenishment of forward picking locations, zone management, zone picking, cycle counting, box building, UCC128 compliant labels, and automated shipping manifests.

2. ADC- ADC is an ideal solution for companies looking for a low cost, entry level warehouse management system.  ADC decreases manual operations, eliminates paperwork, and reduces operational costs by increasing the accuracy and speed of warehouse functions like receiving, putaway, inventory counts, inventory moves, picking and shipping.

Warehouse Management Software Modules:

  • System Administration (included in WMS)
  • Receiving (included in WMS)
  • Inventory (included in WMS)
  • Order Fulfillment (included in WMS)
  • Lot & Serial Tracking (optional)
  • Multi-Site (optional)
  • Container Tracking (optional)
  • RMA (optional)
  • Quality Assurance (optional)
  • Order Management (optional)
  • Packing & Box Build (optional)
  • Dispatch & Shipping Manifest (optional)
  • ASN (optional)
  • Trailer Builder (optional)
  • Wave Management (optional)
  • Slotting (optional)
  • Simulation Modeling (optional)
  • Dashboards (optional)
  • Labor Management (optional)
  • 3rd Party Logistics (optional)

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