Manufacturing Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics for Manufacturing

As manufacturing becomes more global and diverse, it’s imperative to address the major pain points for any company in the Manufacturing industry.

In order for manufacturers to meet today’s complex customer demands, they must effectively manage supplier relationships.  This is best accomplished by facilitating global collaboration throughout a connected community of suppliers to quickly source and produce products. And as more manufacturers outsource more activities and components, causing parts to possibly change hands several times before reaching final assembly, there arises a greater need for manufacturers to have the same visibility into the suppliers’ processes and status as they have their own shop floor.

Lack of visibility into critical data across the operation, such as cost fluctuations, cycle times, project requirements, and supplier performance, can lead to poor business decision-making ability, and negatively impact chances of driving towards a lean manufacturing environment.  And when you add to this increased economic pressure, such as the rising costs of raw materials and fuel, increased awareness of carbon footprints, and lifetime energy costs associated with machinery, there is very little room for error when it comes to reducing the costs of internal operations.

As competition increases and margins shrink, the ability to offer unique and valued added services to customers is a competitive differentiator. Failure to maintain close relationships with customers after the sale impacts manufacturers’ ability for up/cross selling of additional equipment, spare parts, or additional services. Further, customer satisfaction is all the more important with the emerging opportunity to offer more services that happen after the sale of the product beyond simple fulfillment, which can often result in more revenue than the sale of the product itself.

Microsoft has addressed each and every one of the major pain points for Manufacturers in its innovative business management software, Microsoft Dynamics.

Why Microsoft Dynamics?

  • Microsoft Dynamics gives real-time visibility into your own operations as well as those of your suppliers, enabling you to react more quickly to fluctuations in demand.
  • Microsoft Dynamics helps organizations achieve differentiation by empowering the people who run them to be more effective and collaborative, supporting the agility required for process entrepreneurship and enabling a level of customer-centricity necessary for a business to differentiate itself on the global stage.
  • Microsoft Dynamics can help improve responsiveness and enhance information sharing, to offer the value-added services that customers want.
  • Microsoft Dynamics can help companies leverage technology to quickly respond to changes and influence customer demand in ways that optimize supply chain capacity, inventories, and profits.

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