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Microsoft Dynamics Solutions for Professional Services

Change is an inevitable part of business. How well you respond and adapt to change can determine how well you succeed, and how well you respond is determined by the accuracy and timeliness of the information you have.

Professional Service firms are challenged with selling an intangible product that is difficult to quantify and ever-changing. Profitability requires that projects are estimated correctly and completed on time while meeting or exceeding customer requirements. To succeed, companies must adopt strategic and comprehensive financial, project, and resource management practices. This can be accomplished with an information technology infrastructure that allows your people to share data, work together, and make effective decisions.

Accounting for every detail of a project or contract, including measuring the degree of project completion, remains a huge challenge for professional service firms, particularly as projects become more complex.  Poorly managed resources and budgets can turn what appeared to be profitable projects into a string of unfulfilled client expectations, extra work for employees, and less than anticipated profit margin on the books.

Professional Service Organizations need actionable business intelligence tools, available immediately, so key individuals can make critical business decisions to run a smarter, more profitable service organization.

Why Microsoft Dynamics?

With Microsoft Dynamics business management software, you can:

–          Make it easier for you to complete projects on time and within budget.

–          Make it easier to get business-critical information into the hands of key decision makers.

–          Track project status, including expenses and profitability, and monitor all related activities.

–          Learn how to get real-time visibility into your business.

–          Improve data sharing and reporting.

–          Accurately identify client and industry trends.

–          Comply with mandated client requirements, and track expenses.

–          Track project details in real-time.

–          Tighten schedules, control costs, and increase the accuracy of future estimates.

–          Improve resource utilization— providing your clients with more valuable service.

–          Have better document audit trails and policies, which will help reduce risk factors.

–          Be able to reduce the complexity of variable billing arrangements to improve cash flow.

–          Work and integrate with familiar Microsoft Products

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