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Queue Associates brings Microsoft Dynamics to Asia.

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Queue will now offer technical support for Microsoft Dynamics customers around the globe

Paul Lee, Dynamics business lead of Microsoft Hong Kong Limited, has noted “I am excited to have Queue Associates opening up a Hong Kong office. Queue Associates represents one of the best Dynamics partners worldwide, and they do provide industry solutions for professional services, apparel, distribution, health, manufacturing, and public sector customers. Queue Associates comes with high-quality consultants with technical knowledge and practical experience. This will bring a lot of value to customers in HK and Asia.”

Queue Associates has made is easier than ever to do business in Asia. With Microsoft Dynamics, Queue can handle Chinese screen translation, VAT, as well as the Golden Tax Rule.

Chinese Screen Translation for Microsoft Dynamics:

Chinese Screen translation is the Chinese language interface for Microsoft Dynamics, and it supports both Simplified Chinese (China) and Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) for most common Microsoft Dynamics applications.

Chinese Screen includes translation of the following modules, and additional modules could be translated on request:

General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Cash Manager, Currency Manager, Financial Statement Translation, Multi-Company, Inventory, Purchasing, Order Management, Order to Purchase, Landed Cost, Bill of Material, Work Order, Share Information, System Manager

Chinese Screen Translation

Double-Byte Enabler

Double-Byte Enabler allows users to enter, display and print double-byte characters properly In Microsoft Dynamics and is transparent to users. It uses native Windows IME (Input Method Editor) for double-byte characters entry, thus no additional training is required for users.


Double-Byte Enabler for Microsoft Dynamics

VAT Interface

China VAT Interface is a China Localization for Microsoft Dynamics to exchange data with the Golden Tax System in flexible manners. It eliminates manual/double data entry to the Golden Tax System. After the invoice is processed, the VAT invoice number assigned by Golden Tax System would be synchronized to Microsoft Dynamics for the data tracking and reporting purpose.


VAT Interface for Microsoft Dynamics

VAT Interface

Queue Project Centre

Microsoft Dynamics can also handle projects. Project Centre (developed by Queue for Dynamics SL), provides a single, detailed view into the operations of international, multi-company and multi-currency project organizations.

To learn more, please visit the page dedicated to Queue Project Centre.