Microsoft Dynamics DE

Microsoft Dynamics Germany

Microsoft Dynamics Germany

With offices in the US, UK, and HK, Queue Associates has most recently established a location in Germany. Queue’s German branch aims to further its global reach with the Microsoft Dynamics suite of products in an effort to meet the financial and business needs of growing, international companies.

Microsoft Dynamics is a powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. It is simple to learn and use, and delivers value faster by supporting industry-specific and operational business processes across your global enterprise. With this highly adaptable and easy-to-scale solution, you can quickly take advantage of new business opportunities, reduce risk, and differentiate your business to meet new requirements. Microsoft Dynamics drives user involvement and innovation, unlocking greater productivity and providing immediate insight through a RoleTailored user experience and easy access to relevant information and processes.

Frank Hagemeyer, Queue Associates GmbH has stated “We are extremely proud, and excited to have the opportunity to bring our Microsoft Dynamics product knowledge and expertise to Germany. I am confident that our country specific localizations will have a tremendously positive impact in the German marketplace.”

Frank Lenz of Queue Associates GmbH has stated: “I am extremely happy to establish a branch of Queue in Germany. Queue’s extensive experience throughout its 21+ years in the industry supporting the Microsoft Dynamics suite of products will most certainly benefit the German market.”

Queue’s unique, German specific localizations include Multi-Language and Currency Capabilities, Industry-Specific Capabilities, and Electronic filing of payments, amongst many more!

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