Meet Our Team: Art Pugach

Meet Our Team: Mr. Art Pugach, MCT, MCITP, MCDBA

Chief Technology Officer

Art has been with Queue Associates for 19 years. His title is Chief Technology Officer. Art’s IT business solution focus is on Microsoft Technology, including Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Dynamics. He is graduate of Georgia Tech (The Georgia Institute of Technology).


He began his career in a screenwriting software company. Always hungry for learning, Art choose to further his professional development by studying accounting. In the summer of 1998, he interviewed with Jeff Goldstein and Toni Savage of Queue Associates. They immediately recognized his intelligence and eagerness, and decided to hire a man who they were sure would be, and turned out to become, one of the pivotal figures in Queue’s success.

Art joined our company as a member of the helpdesk team. He worked his way up to supporting the overall systems needs of internal staff; then, to the responsibility of providing infrastructure and application solutions for all of Queue’s customers. Throughout his tenure, Art achieved Microsoft Certified Professional, Microsoft Dynamics SL, and Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) certifications, as well as Microsoft SQL Certified DBA accreditation–all of these critical to Queue’s service delivery portfolio. He continually maintains his Microsoft and other certifications, and always seeks opportunities to further enhance his knowledge.

Queue’s customers know that Art is a problem solver. I was surprised to learn that he thrives on finding answers to tough questions. He thinks proactively and researches how product releases might affect customer environments, constantly discovering new fixes to patch system issues.

Art explained that one of the many benefits of life at Queue is that, by working with technology, in real-life business cases, you truly learn technology. He is always learning. “The day you think you know everything, you find out that you don’t,” he noted. He said that one of the most rewarding parts of his job is to “help make a difference” for his customers, both internal — as he sees everyone, including the internal Queue team, as a customer that needs to be properly addressed and nurtured — and external.

For fun, Art enjoys film and live performances, watches Oscar-nominated and critically acclaimed films, and he has visited many classic movie houses across the country. Living in the New York metro area, he is close to historic theaters and is able to frequently visit them. If he cannot get out to the theater, he has a screening room at home that he uses at his leisure. In addition to film and theater, Art enjoys TV series such as “Dr. Who”, “The Crown” and, surprisingly, “The Big Bang Theory”–the juxtaposition of which I found interesting.

Following our interview, I asked Art what his fantasy career would be, and who his dream partner would be for lunch. For a fantasy career, Art would be a movie director. This answer came easily to him. He noted that what appeals most to him about the prospect of directing movies would be the detail-oriented nature of the process. For his dream lunch partner, Art named many interesting people from Tesla to Edison, but, in the end, decided on Alfred Hitchcock, or Orson Wells. We think that this would make for a very interesting lunch, indeed!


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