Meet Our Team: Gwendolyn Blakemore

Meet Our Team: Ms. Gwendolyn Blakemore

Sales and Marketing Manager

Gwendolyn has been with Queue for more than 12 years; her current role is the Sales and Marketing Manager. She has used various tools in her career, however enjoys working with Microsoft Dynamics 365 the most and feels that the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 will be the best of breed solutions for businesses now and into the future. Spending time learning about how organizations use Microsoft technologies to address the unique business challenges they face is intriguing to her, and looks forward to diving deeper into Microsoft Dynamics 365 .


Although Gwendolyn’s title is that of sales and marketing, her role is multifaceted. She works with our internal team to address various questions and concerns as well as connects with our existing customer base to answer questions on everything including maintenance renewals and modules. Customer conversation entail future business requirements and discussing options to meet those requirements by leveraging their existing technology. Gwendolyn speaks to prospective customers, and helps them understand more about Microsoft Dynamics and also takes the time to understand their business requirements. Gwendolyn also creates web content, deploying and learning Click Dimensions and working to roll out a Dynamics 365 practice. Gwendolyn recently joined a group dedicated to helping Microsoft partners succeed in their marketing efforts; she notes the group is a “breath of fresh air” offering realistic ways to go to market.

The ability to work from anywhere is the benefit that keeps her motivated; having her core family located in California, Gwendolyn is able to travel and work without missing a beat. She has also been blessed with making great friends during her time at Queue, although they no longer work together, they keep in touch frequently.

The most challenging part of her job is being aggressive in her sales endeavors. Currently Gwendolyn works daily on this personal challenge; “I flourish and love to give and help, it comes easy to me.” She continued to discuss the importance of being successful in every aspect of her role and digs in daily to meet the challenge.

Personally, Gwendolyn spends time outside of work focusing on the next chapter of her life and finding her true joy.  She is also researching marketing processes with the hopes she can excel in her career. She writes for her own fledgling lifestyle blog and looks to infuse her love of food, wine, photography, and travel into her blog.  Currently she is reading The Passage by Justin Cronin she said, it is a “long interesting read.”  She has recently completed In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware which she said she would “totally read again.”

At the conclusion of our interview, I asked what she would do if she won the lottery. Gwendolyn would first take care of her family, donate to charity, invest, open a pub, gut renovate something, and travel to every continent. Her dream career would “hands down be interior design.” She is inspired by beauty and went on to say, “it may not be lifesaving, but it can be joy inducing.”


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