Meet Our Team: Zyli Kolar

Meet Our Team: Ms. Zyli Kolar

Administrative Assistant

For the past 10 years, Zyli has been the Administrative Assistant at Queue Associates. Over the years, she has learned the facets of Microsoft Dynamics SL from addressing general day-to-day finance to creating new projects in Microsoft Dynamics SL. Every day she learns something new about Microsoft Dynamics SL, Microsoft’s premier Project accounting solution and looks to implement her learning into her day to day work.


Zyli’s work days vary from answering and directing incoming calls to working with finance on Accounts Payable tasks. She uses her agility and her can do spirit to tackle multiple responsibilities during her day.  She consistently takes on new tasks with full commitment and perseverance and she always completes the challenges put before her. For example, when tasked with invoice generation, initially, Zyli was a bit anxious, however her tenacity, coupled with a little trial and error, enabled her to get up to speed and effectively generate invoices for our US and International customers.

I asked Zyli what her favorite benefit of working at Queue is; and, her response was a bit surprising. She stated that she found working with customers on billing is a fantastic benefit, she went on to clarify that she enjoys “the outcome.”  It seems that she truly enjoys helping our customers stay current on their open invoices and finds it rewarding to work with and communicate with them to reach a common goal.

Named after her Grandmother, Zyli finds joy in spending time with her family; she attends and hosts large family dinners where they are able to connect, share a homemade meal, and make memories. She enjoys spending time with her children as well as her friends. On days that she has time, she enjoys watching Blue Bloods and Criminal Minds. Action comedies are her favorite types of movies, in fact, whenever Lethal Weapon or Bad Boys airs, she will tune in and watch!

As we wrapped up our conversation, I asked two questions and her responses both surprised and made me smile. Her fantasy career is interestingly artistic; she enjoys creating transformations. If she could have way, she would own her own hair salon and her focus would be color. For lunch, she would like to have a sit down with John Cena of World Wrestling Federation fame. Even though he has said “I don’t play a character. It’s totally just an extension of myself” we feel that John may have some hidden characteristics and Zyli could be just the person to uncover them.


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