Re-View Event Log Viewer: Free Tool for Microsoft Dynamics SL from SK Global Software

Re-View Event Log Viewer: Free Tool for Microsoft Dynamics SL from SK Global Software

Queue Associates, a Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner, is proud to announce, and make available to Microsoft Dynamics SL users, Re-View from SK Global Software. SK Global Software is a software development company known for bringing valuable enhancement to the Microsoft Dynamics channel, with a primary focus on banking, treasury and revenue automation. Re-View from SK Global is a specialized tool that enables users of Microsoft Dynamics SL to enhance control over their event logs.


Re-View Features

  • Instantly view the Event Log as you scroll through the list
  • Filter your Event Logs by module, application, user, dates, etc.
  • Open an Event Log in Notepad with the click of a button
  • Print selected Event Logs (coming soon)
  • Delete selected Event Logs
  • Optionally add Re-View to your menu or replace Microsoft Dynamics SL Event Log Viewer with the click of a button


(Click on image above for larger view.)

Filter/Sort Options

A number of filter and sorting options can be used to determine what logs are displayed for viewing. The top frame is used to set these various options. These settings (along with the window’s height, width and position of the middle splitter bar) is saved when exiting Re-View and then restored when Re-View is next opened. These settings are saved by the user.


Installation and Setup is a breeze

While installation is a very simple process, it is left to your system administrator, since Re-View will be available to all users, depending on security rights. The steps are straightforward and that’s all there is to it! There is no DB Maintenance, DB Update or other install procedures required.


PLEASE CONTACT QUEUE ASSOCIATES FOR INSTALLATION FILES (complete the form on our Contact Page and indicate “Re-View Installation Files” in the Message box)