Recommendations related to recent Ransomware attacks

Recommendations related to recent Ransomware attacks

Queue Associates has the following recommendations for our clients regarding addressing recent ransomware threats.


  • Patch all servers and workstations with the latest Microsoft Security patches.
  • Keep all servers and workstations on supported operating systems as older operating systems such as Windows XP that are no longer supported do not receive security patches.
  • If this has not already been implemented, please install and make sure Antivirus/Anti-malware software is always up-to-date.
  • Make sure that Microsoft Dynamics is on a current supported version, so that it contains the most current security patches.
  • Most important, make sure to have backups of file systems, servers, databases, websites, and other systems and data, and test those backups at least quarterly, if not more, to make sure they are available in case ransomware hits your environment.

Queue has supported clients in recent months in helping to restore services and maintain business continuity. The key to continued up-time is to always have current and working backups.

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