Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics 365-Sales and Service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows you to combine familiar Microsoft Office applications with powerful CRM software to improve marketing effectiveness, boost sales, and enrich customer service interactions. Microsoft Dynamics 365 equips business professionals with access to customer information through a familiar Microsoft Outlook experience which helps ensure rapid user adoption and fast results.

Microsoft Dynamics 365- Sales

Win More Deals! Spend more time on selling and less time on administrative tasks with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Take advantage of full lead to cash visibility, lead and opportunity tracking, streamlined approvals, and real-time sales forecasts to drive increased sales output and higher close rates.

Enable salespeople to create a single view of the customer with tools that streamline and automate everyday sales processes promoting shorter sales cycles, higher close rates, and improved customer retention. Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives sales professionals fast access to customer data and history online or offline so they can work smarter and spend more time selling. Wizard-driven communications tools help keep sales prospects and customers informed of new product and service offerings.

Microsoft Dynamics 365- Customer Service

Provide compelling customer service experiences that build customer loyalty. People want access to tools that are familiar, easy to use, and purposeful. With the familiar Microsoft Outlook interface, role-based forms, and embedded Microsoft Office features, Microsoft Dynamics 365 minimizes administrative tasks and gives your customer service professionals more time to focus on their core competency—servicing customers.

Processes that are efficient and consistent help drive higher levels of service quality while also minimizing costs associated with service delivery. With powerful workflow capabilities and guided service processes, you can expedite approvals, streamline escalations, and improve the efficiency of the overall service process.

Microsoft Dynamics 365- Marketing

Improve your organization’s marketing effectiveness. Provide your marketing professionals with flexible segmentation tools, simplified campaign management capabilities, intuitive response tracking, and insightful analytics to improve your marketing effectiveness.

Armed with a native Microsoft Outlook client, embedded Microsoft Office features, and role-based forms, Microsoft Dynamics 365 minimizes busy work and gives your marketing staff more time for their core competency—driving effective marketing programs.

Automate tasks, ensure consistent follow-up, and enable greater synergy with sales. With powerful workflow capabilities and guided processes, Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps your marketing organization automate lead distribution, ensure consistent follow-up, simplify approvals, and implement marketing best practices.

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