Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015

Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 is Here!

Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015

Whether you are considering Microsoft Dynamics SL as your organization’s new business management solution, or are an existing customer looking to upgrade your current version of Microsoft Dynamics SL, talk to Queue Associates today about using Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 in your business to increase your productivity and make proactive, informed, effective business decisions that positively impact your profitability and cash flow.

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Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 adds significant new capabilities in the following areas:

System Wide:

  1. Quick Query Enhancements makes selecting, monitoring, analyzing, summarizing and reporting on data easier than ever before.
    • Export to Excel with the ability to auto-refresh from the Excel Workbook
    • Export to Excel with Pivot Tables
    • Quick Query via a browser through web app
  2. Reporting Enhancements Access improved sharing, storage and access to information and the flexibility to use in the format that helps your team work together effectively.
    • Ability to run all reports through a browser using a web app
    • Custom reports are not removed at time of upgrade
    • Email capabilities directly from the print preview screen
    • Unlimited report formats per report
    • Ability to set a default report format for each company
    • Report metadata – description of the field (and alias for each column available) and whether or not the field is being displayed on the report
  3. Sign-On Enhancements makes user experience more efficient.
  • In the possible values list, users will only see companies to which they are assigned rights
  1. Possible Values Lookup intuitively narrows your lookup options as you type in the lookup field
  • F3 lookups will have the ability to use quick queries as the basis for their lookup

Project Controller:

  1. Multi-Company in Project Controller keep your data secure while saving time accessing your data and running processes.
    • Added company options to processing screens (FTT, Billings Transaction Load, Allocator, Post Invoices) so you can run processes for a specific or all companies
    • Added company selection option to project report
    • Project reports list shows only the reports for companies an employee has access rights
    • Ability to restrict viewing of projects by company
  2. Multi-Currency in Project Controller provides reporting options in either the company’s base currency or project currency.
    • Ability to set the currency at the project, invoice and subcontract level so you are able to bill in a different currency than the project’s base currency
    • Budgets support multi-currency
  3. Project Sales Tax accurately track sales tax at the detail line level instead of document level.
    • Ability for sales tax to move to project via detail lines instead of the document level.
    • Accounts Payable sales tax applicable to vouchers and adjustment entries now flow from and to the project and task specified in the detail lines.

Accounts Payable:

  1. Vendor Name Auditing enhanced audit trail.
    • Stores vendor id and vendor name on check records
  2. Allows automatic 1099 Backup Withholding improves productivity by automating backup withholding process.
  3. Multiple Prepayments per Voucher streamlines business transactions that have multiple pre-payments.

Accounts Receivable:

  1. Invoice Preview
    • Review each invoice prior to release, using Print/Preview capability for invoices generated from the AR module


  1. Audit Improvements
    • Track changes to deductions, tax tables, employee deductions and employee pay information
  2. Void and Reissue Checks simplifies the process of reissuing a payroll check.
    • Void and Reissue without re-running Pay Labor Interface or re-entering time
  3. Gross-Up Checks save time with automatic calculation of deductions.
    • Automatic calculation of deductions with the appropriate tax tables and applicable deduction records. Available for all earnings types and overrides of deduction amounts are permitted.
  4. Recalculate in Review/Edit Check Screen

Automates the process of recalculating subject earnings when a deduction amount is changed in the Payroll Review/Edit Check screen (checkbox added to let user select if they want the recalculation or not)



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