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Microsoft Projects Add-On for Microsoft Dynamics

Project Centre for Microsoft Dynamics SL is an add-on developed by Queue Associates that provides a single, detailed view into the operations of international, multi-company and multi-currency project organizations using Microsoft Dynamics SL.

With Project Centre, project planning, budgeting, and tracking are easily setup, with automated replication to the various entities throughout the company. This means, local offices have a view into their own project operations and financial accounting and resources can be shared from multiple organizations.

Multiple currency cost and billing rates enable effective resource management. This keeps all financial data in the operating currency and offers the flexibility to automatically allow a view of the information, consolidated and currency translated, for the location which owns the project.

Microsoft Projects KEY BENEFITS

  • Universal, consolidated, and currency translated project view
  • Valuable Global ROI assessment of individual projects and enabling KPI measurement for all projects
  • Share resources  with multiple currency cost and billing rates
  • Enter T&E for all  companies regardless of the currency
  • Instantly  calculates  reimbursement  amount in home currency
  • Fields identify project ownership, shared projects, project currency and the Budget Rate type. This information will be used when translating the Budget Amounts to and from currencies for this project.

Microsoft Projects

  • Project planning, budgeting, and tracking are easily setup in a central repository, with automated replication to the various entities throughout the organization.

Microsoft Projects

  • Resources can be shared between multiple organizations with multiple currency costs and billing rates enabling effective resource management across the entire worldwide organization.

Microsoft Projects

  • Instantly calculate your reimbursement amount in your home currency.

Microsoft Projects

Queue Project Centre was developed by Queue Associates to simplify and meet the growing needs of Microsoft Dynamics users using projects.

To learn more about the Queue Project Centre, about the add-on for Microsoft Dynamics SL, and more, please CONTACT US.